If you’re searching for easy to rank for and extremely targeted long tail keywords that have a high search volume to build your sites around for affiliate marketing, AdSense or for your own products, then please keep reading because I’ve really got something for you.

You see…

Long Tail Keywords Have 2 HUGE Advantages.

1. They convert better – people typing in long tail keywords into Google are telling you EXACTLY what they need and if you can provide it to them your conversion rates go through the roof.

For example it would be really hard to know the exact intention behind someone typing in the keyword “weight loss” into Google so even if you were to rank for the term (which by the way is very hard) you really don’t know if they are looking for an exercise routine or a diet plan or pills or advice or one of the other hundreds of weight loss related topics.

On the flip side with a keyword like “meal replacement shakes for weight loss” (1,900 exact match searches a month), you know exactly what the person searching for this keyword is looking for, and if you can provide it to them you’ll convert most of your visitors into buyers.

Traffic coming from long tail keywords is also much easier to monetize because people making long-tail searches are often further along in the buying cycle.

2. They are easier to rank for – When you target long tail keyword you usually rank for them WITHIN DAYS and with far less backlinks.

In most cases the sites you see ranking for long tail keywords like “hcg injections for weight loss” (2,400 exact match searches a month) are not targeting that keyword with their on page SEO and anchor text backlinks, so a properly optimized site will easily SHOOT to the top of the search results.

The combination these 2 factors is what makes long tail keywords so AMAZING and PROFITABLE.

But Once You Realize the Massive Potential of Long Tail Keywords the Problem Becomes Finding the Ones That Have High Search Volume.

Finding good long tail keywords that are targeted and have a nice search volume can be a daunting task that can take you hours to complete.

And if you are not methodical in your approach you can miss out on some very easy to rank for and profitable keywords.

But now you don’t have to do it yourself because I’ve developed a software that does what used to take me up to 5 hours to complete in just 30 minutes!! It does a better job than doing it manually and the only thing you have to do is add your seed keyword and push a button.


With Stealth Keyword Digger you’ll Never MISS OUT On the Best Keywords in Your Niche.

Imagine having multiple top rankings for the best laser targeted long tail keywords in your niche and receiving an avalanche of traffic and sales. Before you know it you can be making a nice monthly income from your sites.

This amazingly simple software:

  • Uncovers thousands of long tail, targeted keywords with nice search volume in minutes.
  • Saves you from spending hours doing research to find good keywords to target.
  • Helps you find the best keywords to target in your niche.
  • It creates csv files with the search range you choose so you can easily sort out the results and find the best keywords.
  • The .csv file that SKD creates is in a format that you can import into Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer.

So How Does Stealth Keyword Digger Work?

Just add your seed keyword and SKD will:

  • Get the top 100 keywords in your niche based on their search volume.
  • Generate thousands of long tail keywords from the top 100 keywords by querying Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and Amazon.
  • Check the search volume for EACH ONE of those long tail keywords using Google’s Keyword Tool and in the process it also gathers more keyword ideas with your selected search volume.
  • Create a (SKCA ready) csv file with the searches per month range you select so you can easily run a competition analyses on your long tail keyword.

Here’s what some of Stealth Keyword Digger users are saying:

“Stealth Keyword Digger is just awesome!”

I don’t really know a more simple and efficient software for discovering long tail keywords then Stealth Keyword Digger!

But the most important aspect I love about it is that all these long tail keywords are suggested by Google, and this way I’m 100% sure I’m targeting the right keywords, related to my websites

- Sorina Dascalu

“My experience with SKD has been great”

I can literally gather thousands of keywords in a matter of minutes. Of course finding those low competition keywords is the sweetest part.

I’ve created several Squidoo Lenses and Hubpages Hubs based on the keywords SKD found for me and I’ve been on the first page of Google in a 2-3 days without a single backlink!

And the price? DANG!

-Tibor Szalay

“Stealth Keyword Digger is the first program I turn to for my keyword research”

Stealth Keyword Digger is the first program I turn to for my keyword research, despite owning eleven others (including Market Samurai). Why have I purchased so many? Because I was not getting reliable results.

SKD does the best job at the deepest level and not only brings comprehensive results, but also gives me greater insight into what people are looking for, thus enabling me to expand my reach.

I love SKD and wouldn’t be without it.

- Gail Fay
Byron Bay, Australia

“SKD has helped me tremendously in uncovering new keywords “

Just wanted to write to tell you how much I have enjoyed having Stealth Keyword Digger as part of my SEO toolset. It has helped me tremendously in uncovering new keywords and was simple and straightforward to use from the first day.

SKD has been an invaluable resource for me which at this point I really couldn’t do without, I guess now I am spoiled. Your updates and service / support have been tremendous every step of the way.

Thanks for the great product – I would highly recommend it to my friends and try to hide it from my competitors!

- Craig Frazier

“It’s a keyword factory – ideas go in one end and commercial keywords come out of the other”

Having been working on SEO projects for over 7 years I know the importance of good keyword research. Prior to discovering SKD, all my keyword work was done with a combination of the Google Keyword Tool and Market Samurai.

Good keyword analysis delivers keywords that have three characteristics: Volume of Search, Low Competition and Commerciality. The problem has always been finding enough keywords so that the filtering process still leaves enough ‘gems’.

SKD has taken this arduous process and turned it into a few simple clicks. It’s a keyword factory – ideas go in one end and commercial keywords come out of the other. I can’t think of ever going back to the old system. Highly recommended.

- Michael Probert
CEO of WhiteHat SEO Ltd

“SKD helped us and our clients to easily find high value long tail keywords and dominate online niches”

With Ambition Lifestyle we operate in several competitive niches. We also work for people in different countries speaking different languages. So we needed a keyword tool that we could set to different geographical regions and languages.

We first rank for related long term keywords and move up the ranks from there to get to rankings for our main keyword. Stealth Keyword Digger helps us to unearth those related keywords with the push of a button. Tailored to the market and language we are working in at that time. And SKD doesn’t just pull keywords from Google either. It searches Bing, YouTube and Amazon as well.

This has helped us a lot in finding long tail keywords to rank for in multiple languages and for many different competitive niches. SKD helped us and our clients to easily find high value long tail keywords and dominate online niches. For both ourselves and our customers.

For anyone looking for a keyword tool to dig for long tail keywords we can definately recommend to invest in Stealth Keyword Digger.

- Peter van Gameren
Ambition Lifestyle – Internet Marketing, Lead Generation and Sales Funnel Management

“It is so good that I think it should be reserved for a select group of people”

I’m actually reluctant to recommend the Stealth Keyword Digger to anyone – it is so good that I think it should be reserved for a select group of people.

This tool is fast, easy and it finds incredible results. Every time I run it, (which is usually several times a day), it reveals keywords that I could never have determined on my own. I now have sets of highly targeted keywords that are perfect for various marketing campaigns.

I have so many now that I actually give them away as part of my business sales pitch. The Stealth Keyword Digger is fantastic by itself, but it is an absolute goldmine when  paired with the Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer.

Vaughn Smith
BC, Canada

It’s So Simple to Use – And Yet Extremely Powerful!

Cherry-Picked, Premium Long-Tail Keywords Delivering Targeted Traffic to Your Site

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And To Make Sure That You Not Only Have the Right Tools but Also the Right Knowledge to Succeed, I’m Also Adding These 2 Special Bonuses.


Bonus #1

“The Cutting Edge Keyword Research Method”

This report is a step by step blueprint of a deadly effective method that myself and thousands of others have been using to find great keywords to build sites around that get a ton of ready to buy, targeted visitors for FREE.

This is very valuable information, in fact I was planning to sell this report separately for $27.00.

But I want to give it to you as a bonus because the power of the software and this report combined is amazing.

Use them right and YOU WILL GET RESULT!


  • The #1 most important factor that if overlooked will prevent you from making money online.
  • The 4 things that make a keyword GOLDEN (if one of these is missing you are wasting your time).
  • What is considered a good search volume to go after and the right way to determine it.
  • 3 easy ways to find out if the searcher has his credit card in front of the computer
  • The ONE THING you absolutely must know about the keyword you want to target (most internet marketers neglect this)
  • How to determine the REAL number of competing pages (hint: searching for your keyword phrase in quotes is not accurate)
  • The 4 things you must look for when determining your competition strength and the free tools to do it with.
  • A simple way to find out you competitions bounce rate (bounce rate is an important part of on page SEO. I’ll explain why inside the report)


Bonus #2

“Evergreen SEO 2.0 eBook”

This eBook is designed to give you the know-how and tools to achieve and maintain high search engine rankings.

On page and off page SEO strategies that are working today and that will work in the future, despite any search algorithm updates.

This step by step eBook will guide you in the process of building a solid SEO foundation that will help you reach top search engine rankings for the websites you build around the keywords you find using Stealth Keyword Digger.

The Evergreen SEO 2.0 eBook reveals:

  • The on page SEO formula that will help you get top 3 rankings with less backlinks.
  • 5 things you must know when doing your internal link structure to get the most SEO benefit out of it.
  • 3 easy ways to get your site indexed by Google fast.
  • The 3 things you have to know about backlinks in order not to raise any red flags with the search engines.
  • What Google wants more than anything, and if your website has it, you will get a lot of Google love for it.
  • And much more …

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Believe in yourself, because with the right knowledge and tools you can be successful in internet marketing… as Earl Nightingale said: “believe and succeed”

But you must take action, use what you learn and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You learn more from your mistakes than from your triumphs.

All the best,

Alex Safie
(305) 407-3484

P.S. Remember that you get to try out Stealth Keyword Digger for 60 days so you have nothing to lose. Although I know this software is going to be one of your favorite IM tools, because by targeting the right keywords you will start seeing results fast.

P.P.S. The 2 bonuses that come with Stealth Keyword Digger are designed to help you achieve results faster.

P.P.P.S. I will always be available to completely and fully support you and answer any questions you may have about keyword research or SEO, you can contact me anytime at Stealth Help Desk

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